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medorex peristaltic pumps exact and innovative for the use in laboratories of medicine, biotechnology and industry.

TB / TBS / TBE peristaltic pumps
TB 1.5-240, TBS 6-980, TBE 6-2000 ml/min
per channel
TI peristaltic pump 0.4-130 ml/min per channel
TV/TVS peristaltic pumps TV 0.4-130
TVS 55-980 ml/min per channel
HP peristaltic pump 0.05 µl up to 27 ml/min

Tube , peristaltic , OEM and laboratory pumps

Welcome on the home page of medorex in Germany. To your manufacturer of pumps for analytics, laboratory and technology

medorex peristaltic pumps

A innovative and exact pump generation userfriendly, long-lasting, payable and comfortable for the use in the laboratories of:

- Biotechnology.
- Environmental technology.
- Medical engineering.
- Chemical industry.
- Pharmaceutical industry!
Characteristics of medorex tube pumps
- Flow rates from 0.5 Ál up to 2000 ml/min per channel.
- Extreme easy change of tubes.
- Easy use via 5 keys.
- Depending on pump 1 up to 4 channels.
- 2-line LCD matrix display.
- Flow rate display in ml/min.
- Depending on pump types microprocessor controlled for variable Speed 1:100.
- OEM models for the installation into other equipments and systems.
More information`s about Peristaltic pumps ,Tube , Laboratory , OEM pumps and other products of medorex:

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